Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is an injection technique using procaine to relieve pain and reset the autonomic nervous system. Procaine is a local anesthetic. The procaine is injected into problem areas such as scar tissue or hypertonic muscles. When scars form they often trap nerves and blood vessels it them. The poor blood flow and pinched nerves in the area are not able to properly heal. The result is pain and if the scar goes deep enough poor muscle function too. Hypertonic muscles are muscle fibers that are permanently too tight because of trauma, overuse, or compensation for other muscles or connective tissues. The injection of procaine into scar tissue or problem muscles gives immediate relief; however, more than that the procaine resets nerves that are stuck on by both creating physical space for trapped nerves and blood vessels, as well as its chemical effect of  temporarily shutting off nerves and increasing blood flow to the area.

Neural therapy is recommended for anyone who has chronic pain and scar tissue. The pain may not occur by the scar tissue as pinched nerves often radiate pain before or after the place where they are entrapped (or pinched). For example, the pain of sciatica is often felt into the posterior leg or foot, but the nerve is being pinched up around the buttock.

Who can benefit from neural therapy? Anyone suffering from:

  • Chronic pain – anywhere in the body, especially if shooting, radiating, or electrical in quality
  • Acute pain – from cramping muscles to a sore back
  • Pain after surgery
  • Sinus congestion
  • Thyroid problems
  • Anyone who has scars

Procaine is safe and effective. However, there are rare allergies to procaine so patients who have never received procaine before must get a skin test before neural therapy treatment. The skin test is a small amount of procaine is injected under the skin, typically in the arm, and then monitored for a reaction for 15 minutes after.

Dr. Callas was trained in Neural Therapy by Dr. Jeff Harris, ND.

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